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Subbu is created by Coda Commerce, a software business with 20years experience in the courier and logistics industry.

Coda Commerce provide warehousing (WMS) and transport (TMS) applications to over 100 UK based Courier and Logistics businesses.
These business specialise in courier and warehousing solutions for all types of organisations looking to simplify or outsource their shipping or fulfilment requirements.

The Subbu platform is designed to connect sales channels with these courier and logistics businesses.

Sales channel owners and eCom businesses subscribing to Subbu benefit by connecting their Shopify, Woo Commerce or Magento stores with the Subbu application feeding the Order and SKU information via API into the Coda Commerce WMS and TMS applications operated by our Courier and Logistics clients.

Reduce data touch points, enrich shipping information, connecting you with your courier logistics provider.